J.P. – Bad Bitty

A very skilled recording artist J.P., adds to her discography with her latest delivery captioned “Bad Bitty,” and it’s nothing short of what a good music should sound like.

Quotable Lyrics:

You ever told a bitch, “I got G’s” (no)
You ever make a bitty hit her knees? (No)
Well, guess what? I’m JP (I’m JP)
I’m a don, make a bitch say, “Hey, huh, baow”
Front row shake it, you a bad bitch
She shakin’ dummy ass, I just wanna grab it (oh, yeah)
It’s another one like DJ Khaled
Hey, yessir, hey (front row, shake it, you a bad bitch)
Oh, yessir, hey (hey, huh, baow)
Hey, oh-yeah, hey (shake it, you a bad bitch)

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