Kolaboy – Kolapiano

“Kolapiano” is a remarkable extended play record by a Nigerian indigenous rapper Kolaboy that is making waves in the music scene.

This six-track project showcases Kolaboy’s lyrical prowess and unique style, blending traditional Nigerian sounds with modern hip-hop beats.

The EP features notable collaborations, including a dynamic appearance by the renowned artist Timaya, as well as the enchanting flute melodies of Ojadiligbo and the vocal talents of Lawrence Obusi. Each track on “Kolapiano” tells a compelling story,


  1. Kolapiano Vol. 1 (Nwa Eze)
  2. Kolapiano Vol. 2 (Isakaba) (feat. Ojadiligbo)
  3. Kolapiano Vol. 3 (Sewaa Sewaa) (feat. Lawrence Obusi)
  4. Kolapiano Vol. 4 (Country No Good)
  5. Kolapiano Vol. 5 (Wusapu Aru)
  6. Kolapiano Vol. 6 (Isakaba) Remix (feat. Timaya)

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