Yeat – If We Being Rëal

“If We Being Rëal,” is a captivating track from an American rapper and singer-songwriter, Noah Olivier Smith professionally known as Yeat.

Quotable Lyrics:

I could drop ties in this bitch
Drop like flies in this bitch
I cut ties in this bitch
I’ll cut ties in your face
Yeah, cut you like a lace
Nothin’ I do could be replaced
That’s why I’m livin’ out in space

I take the money to another level
I take the plane to another level
I take the heights to a newer level
I take gettin’ high to a newer level
Keep diggin’ your grave, I’ll pass you the shovel, yeah
I ain’t mean to burst your bubble
But I ain’t into makin’ change, I’ma stay the same, bring it to my level

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